A Year at Pindarie

Spring at Pindarie
September, October, November)

Vineyard- Budburst occurs in the first week of September and the busy time in the vineyard begins. Midrow vegetation is mowed down, monitoring for pests & diseases, lifting foliage wires during the rapid growth phase. By November the vines flower and our crop is set.
Sheep- Lambs are weaned and off to market. The wool from the winter shearing is sold. The ewes have a quiet restful break… until the rams are let out with them in November.
Cereal- By the end of spring the crop is ripening and nearing harvest.
Wine- The wines are prepared for bottling and left to settle before released.
General- Weeding, weeding and more weeding. More jobs for Tony, we can’t let the to-do list ease up!


Summer at Pindarie

SUMMER (December, January, February)

Vineyard- The waiting period begins, monitoring for signs of water stress, and veraison (colour change in berries) begins in late January. Grape sampling for ripeness begins in February.
Sheep- The rams are let loose & soon the ewes are hopefully all pregnant!
Cereal- Is harvested and in the silos by Christmas.
General- Yep, you guessed it back to the To-do list in the spare moments!


Pindarie Autumn Lambs
AUTUMN (March, April, May)

Vineyard- March is the busy month with harvest of grapes. After harvest when opening rains come and the midrow comes alive with natural vegetation. Under-vine mulching and composting occurs at this time as we convert into organic growing.
Sheep- Lambing commences in April, hopefully onto green grass.
Cereal- The paddocks are rested until opening rains, when they are sown via minimal tillage methods, minimising soil disturbance, increasing organic matter in the soil and maximising the water-holding ability of the soil.
Wine- The wines are put into oak barrels to slowly mature.. We read them stories and tuck them up tight
General- Property and vineyard maintenance…. Yep back to the bloody list!! Hopefully some time off for a holiday with the kids.


Pruning Time Pindarie

WINTER (June, July, August)

Vineyard- Pruning commences, a cold finger numbing experience and any excuse on a rainy day like vineyard        repairs or dropping foliage wires is a welcome break!
Sheep- Our cross bred lambs are growing fast & lamb marking vaccinations have to be given. At the end of winter it is Shearing time for the ewes.
Cereal- Seeds is sown in June, after a good opening rain.
Olives-This is about the same time as the wild olives are harvested and processed for olive oil, which is available at the Cellar Door
Wine- the wines are slowly maturing in oak.
General- Cellar Door Maintenance, Building projects.. The tasks- to- do list keeps getting longer!